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    Swirling Interactive Cat Toy

    Swirling Interactive Cat Toy

    Swirling Interactive Cat Toy

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    Having a cat at home is good, but having fun is even better!

    Yep, your little furball doesn't just need cuddling all day long. He also needs something to keep him entertained, especially when you're not by his side.

    And precisely, I have what you need: this interactive swirling toy should please you (well… especially your jar of glue).

    This turntable will make her turn her head for hours and hours. Thus, it can be spent and not pass its nerves on your furniture. And that's pretty good news, isn't it?

    You will understand: thanks to this toy, you will both win!

    In addition, what's great is that you can have it wherever you want:

    ● on a door;
    ● on the ground;
    ● on a window;
    ● under a table, etc.

    And the icing on the cake, his bristle brush will allow him to scratchrub, and even keep his teeth healthy. All for his greatest happiness!

    To attract your cat, you can even dispose of catnip in the transparent balls located at the 2 ends of the toy.

    Characteristics :

    ● Material: soft (will in no way harm your cat's health);
    ● Size: 158 * 74 * 69mm;
    ● 2 transparent balls.

    Tags: Cat Toy
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