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Squishy Egg Yolk Stress Ball

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Feeling angry, frustrated, overly stressed after a long day at work?

Vent it all out with the help of this Squishy Egg Yolk Stress Ball.

This egg yolk is NOT made for omelets...

Get rid of toxic stress the fun and unique way!

A cute squishy egg yolk ball that instantly relaxes your tired mind!

There are times when you’re just so mad that you feel like breaking a thousand eggs to ease away your frustration. This time, you can do it the safer, more economical way by venting it all out on just one egg over and over again. Crush, squeeze, squash, and pound your day away with this mighty stress-relief venting buddy!

Designed uniquely cute, gross, and super fun at the same time!

It looks like an unsuspecting cute yellow ball sitting on top of a broken egg shell... But wait until it gags out yellow goo that looks like a runny yolk for fun.

Feel the artificial yolk ooze out between your fingers as you squeeze...
  • Gross everyone out as you squeeze and make the little yolk ball puke its innards out. Squeeze lightly and it’ll puke out just a small amount of goo. If you’re overly frustrated, squeeze with all your might and watch it puke so hard that it’s entire goo spills out.
  • Simply unsqueeze it to absorb the spewed gel yolk. The little guy will be instantly sucking back what it just threw up.

Fun gift for ALL ages...

  • A not-so-silly funny toy for kids and adults alike.
  • A great way to clear your mind and re-focus on what you need to do.

Squeeze your stress away using this Squishy Egg Yolk Stress Ball!

There’s a feeling of satisfaction that you just can’t deny when venting out your frustration. So, let it all out the safe and harmless way using an object that’s specially designed for that purpose. For instant stress-relieving fun, GET YOURS NOW!

NOTE: No chickens and eggs were harmed in the making of this yolk! (wink)

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