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NASSMEI Dental Mousse

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    NASSMEI Dental Mousse

    Smokers use it to brush their teeth! It dissolves tartar for 10 years, and the bad breath has disappeared for many years. It is cleaner than teeth cleaning!

    Product Detail

    Smokers use it to brush their teeth! It dissolves tartar for 10 years, and the bad breath has disappeared for many years. It is cleaner than teeth cleaning!

    It's so embarrassing!


    You don’t know how troublesome it is

    A mouthful of sewage

    A smile reveals a piece of big golden yellow teeth1609831219501956.jpg

    Sitting next to the beauties

    Sit opposite the leader

    Keep away from the other party without showing off

    The scene is extremely awkward

    They thought you never brushed your teeth!

    This is wronged!


    However, yellow teeth and bad breath caused by smoking

    It's really hard to remove

    Brushing your teeth every day is not okay

    what about this? 

    Is the toothpaste bad or the toothbrush is wrong? 

    It's time to popularize science

    Get to know the true face of teeth!



    Most people think that teeth are clean and flawless

    Actually the truth will surprise you

    How do you say it, a bit like a crater on the moon

    The diameter of the food residue is about 0.1 mm

    The diameter of the small hole on the tooth surface is 0.01 mm

    The hole is small and big

    Obviously, the residue can't get into the hole

    So the residue is easy to handle

    It is removed as soon as you brush your teeth every day !

    Smoke stains are sad

    The diameter of cigarette smoke molecules is less than 0.005 mm

    The cave is big and small!

    It's easy to hide in the ring pit . Is there any wood?

    It's still tightly hidden

    Don't even want to pull it out even if you brush your teeth

    So smoke stains tend to accumulate more and more

    Yellow teeth accompany life


    Put it this way

    The toothpaste abrasive is still very powerful

    Especially for solid residue on the surface of teeth

    But the molecule of the abrasive is too big

    Can't get in the cave

    So, all the residues of gas and liquid

    Such as smoke stains and tea stains

    Toothpaste must not be pulled out , nothing can be done

    So the smokers are desperately brushing their teeth

    Can't get rid of rhubarb teeth

    Can't get rid of bad breath

    Today I will give you Amway a very useful black technology

    dedicated to smoke stains teeth stains teeth cleaning mousse!

    Once on the market, sales are extremely hot

    The average weekly cumulative sold 10 Wan Zhi

    Specially solve the dental problems of the majority of smokers 


    NASSMEI Cleansing Mousse

    Toothpaste like foam

    "Green Prosecutor"

    The first in Hong Kong specifically designed for smokers

    NASSMEI Dental Mousse

    Can be used instead of toothpaste

    You can also rinse your mouth anytime, anywhere

    Hong Kong International Tobacco Control Laboratory Technology License

    Technology for smokers

    Special cow!

    Lightly press

    A lot of soft and delicate foam is sprayed into the mouth

    Rinse your mouth for 20 seconds

    Rich bubbles are like little bombs

    Wash the small holes on the surface of your teeth as much as you like

    More than 1 billion anions serve as "cleaners" in the oral cavity

    Small particles of tooth stains

    Pull out one by one like "pulling the radish"

    The yellow teeth disappeared without a trace

    Bad breath disappeared without a trace

    You can enter the LINE number to purchase, and more discounts↓↓↓


    Essence flowing from plants

    The cleansing mousse does not contain any abrasives

    Its magic ingredient is sodium lauroyl sarcosinate

    This is a friendly surfactant

    Extracted entirely from plants

    No harm

    Some international luxury brands are also using cosmetics

    The dirt in the pores is washed out by it obediently

    Also suitable for delicate skin

    The effect is awesome!


    Praise again

    It's so convenient to carry when traveling!

    NASSMEI Cleansing Mousse 60ml per bottle

    It’s very convenient to put it at home, in the office, and in the car

    Can be put in a pocket or bag

    It's very convenient even for business trips and taking planes!

    Spray when brushing your teeth

    Spray after nap

    Spray after drinking

    Spray after eating green onion, ginger, and garlic

    Squirt it when you meet your girlfriend and your client

    Spray after heavy smoking


    No need to buy toothpaste

    Chewing gum also do not buy

    Really save money!

    When traveling

    No need to bring a lot of toothbrushes, toothpaste, toothpaste boxes

    A bottle of cleansing mousse is all done!

    How terrible is the descaling ability?

    Just look at the test!

    The picture above is a test for removing smoke stains

    Let's change the test to remove tea stains

    We have found N for a long time

    The cup full of dirt tried


    Can clearly see

    Cup full of tea stains

    After rinsing with cleansing mousse

    Refreshed and shiny

    As if just buy when brand new look! 

    Clean your teeth with NASSMEI

    What kind of experience is in the mouth?

    Gently spray NASSMEI Dental Mousse into your mouth

    Hundreds of millions of foam molecules filled the mouth in an instant

    It tastes like a bite of soft cotton candy

    The foam molecules penetrate into every corner of the mouth

    360  ° no dead angle cleaning

    Comprehensively remove tooth stains and food residues

    Easily have a fresh breath!

    After use, the mouth will be filled with a faint fresh mint fragrance

    There are three important points

    The cleansing mousse does not contain alcohol

    No toothbrush, no damage to the gums

    Can get rid of gum swelling and pain, bleeding gums

    One bottle can be used for 2 months

    Great value and save money

    Go to a dental clinic

    The most common tooth cleaning costs S$45

    If the tooth stains are serious, it may cost S$100

    The main thing is that washing your teeth is really uncomfortable

    It can also cause tooth bleeding

    What if the person who was washing his teeth had a blood disease?

    My God, I'm scared to think about it!

    WeChat picture_20210329161903.jpg

    In contrast, NASSMEI dental mousse is not too cost-effective

    Don't think it is small and exquisite

    Label it as not durable

    There are foams with high concentration of small molecules in it

    A bottle of 60ML

    Can be used for one month

    Saved a lot of money for toothpaste 

    Saved a lot of money to see the dentist


    There are two ways to use NASSMEI Dental Mousse

    One is to replace toothpaste

    Shake the bottle and press against the mouth

    Fill the mouth with foam

    Brush your teeth gently with a toothbrush


    QQ screenshot 20210105150036.jpg

    The second is to use without a toothbrush

    Shake the bottle and press it against your mouth

    Rinse your mouth for 20 seconds

    fast! Efficient!



    Special Note:

    1. Green Prosecutor Cleansing Mousse

    No preservatives, artificial sweeteners, fluorine-free

    It's okay to swallow accidentally

    Harmless to human body.  

    2. It can be used by pregnant women and breastfeeding women  

    3, six children over the age can also be used

    But you need adult care to avoid swallowing a lot.

    For people with smoke stains on their teeth

    It won't hurt to stock up a few more boxes, it's worth it!

    Not for making money, just for word of mouth

    It has more

    Novelty baby specially suitable for smokers

    Go take a look!



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