3D Titanium Tempered Glass Screen Protector - HD Nano Reinforced Protective Film



Engineered from an extremely tough film that's NOT Glass!

The Tempered Glass Screen Protector features an Ultra-Thin design. It is made with Industrial Grade Hardened Film, so that it can protect your phone from breakage. It is the BEST screen protector.

Besides being Dust-proof and Fingerprint-proof, it is Shock-proof. The Tempered Glass Screen Protector is 99.7% transparent, and no stains will stick on it. You can easily clean it with tissue or any other cloth without leaving any scratches behind!

  • Forms a scratch resistant, coating on your gadgets' screen
  • Our Shatter Proof Screen Protector contains high-impact resistant properties which can protect your screen from cracking, breaking or shattering due to extreme force!
  • Oleophobic surface effectively prevents fingerprints and oil stains
  • High transparency provides maximum image clarity and ultimate touch screen sensitivity

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Category: Iphone

Type: Screen Protectors